Our story

Hey there, 

from Mind the Bag we wanted to introduce ourselves and give you some insights on the idea behind the brand.

Wanderlust is defined as "the wish to travel far away and to many different places" and that is exactly our mantra! We are passionate wanderers, always seeking new experiences, new tastes, new cultures...

After many trips, we've noticed that, even in this more more and more globalised world, there is still a unique accessory in every country which tells us a nice story about the history and traditions from that part of the world.

Our experiences have taught us that culture and traditions are what really differentiates us from one another, and in our own style we would like to spread the knowledge gained over the years bringing you the treasures and stories which we've found along the way.

IMPORTANT - Note that most of the products are bought in local markets on a retail scale basis with the purpose of helping the communities grow. This means we only have a unique number of items which in most cases we don't expect to re-stock (unless there is a big interest from a big number of customers!). So if you like something, make sure you are quick and hit BUY as soon as possible!

We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we do!